Hudson Salon

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Primary Location: Mooresville

Hometown: I am from Salisbury NC.

Hobbies:  Shopping and playing with my dogs.

When I started at Hudson Salon:  I started at Hudson Salon in August 2018.

Passion for the beauty industry: I absolutely love watching the stylists step out of their comfort zone, watching their progress, and seeing how much they grow. I think it’s just amazing!

Favorite vaca spot: The beach, everyone is happier sitting on a beach.

Favorite product and why: My favorite product would be Pureology 21 benefits. I use it every day.

Something interesting that people may not know: I have a huge heart.

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would… ( but of course keep working here):  Help my grandparents out all I could.

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be: Reading people’s minds, so I always know what they are thinking.

When I was young I always wanted to be…: A nurse so I could care for people that couldn’t care for themselves.

Best thing about working at Hudson Salon: We are like a huge family and are always there for each other.

Huntersville Phone: 704.987.2401    Mooresville Phone: 704.660.1223