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Primary Location: Huntersville

Hometown: Barre, Vermont

Hobbies: love makeup and always trying out new looks on myself and others. If I get free time, I can sit in front of my mirror for hours and just play with it!

Hair School: Aveda Institute Charlotte

When I started at Hudson Salon: November 2017

Passion for hair: When I first began cosmetology school, I originally wanted to make a career in makeup but, as time went on and I learned so many techniques with hair, my love for it just kept growing. I was always fascinated by all the ways hair could be colored, cut and styled so when I actually learned how to do it myself, I fell in love with it!

Favorite vaca spot: Anywhere tropical where the water is clear and I can relax on the beach all day!

Favorite product and why: I LOVE Royal Blowout from Oribe because of the shine and softness it gives to every hair type! It's super light weight so you can spray as much as you like into your hair and it won't make it sticky or heavy- not to mention, it speeds up your blowdry time by 50%!

Something interesting that people may not know: I married my high school sweetheart- we've been together since I was 16!

If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would… ( but of course keep working here): I would travel as much as I could during my vacation time, pay off all of my bills and definitely give to others!!

If I were a superhero, my superpower would be: Curing cancer.

When I was young I always wanted to be…: Interior Designer. I loved different aesthetics in all kinds of homes. When I would walk into friends houses, I would always envision all of the different ways I would style each room, organize and hang wall art.

Best thing about working at Hudson Salon: We're always given the opportunity for more learning and growth. Not every salon and/or boss will help you with continued education and that is something I'm very grateful for. Also, how everyone on the team is like family. We all are so close and always have each other's back!

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Huntersville Phone: 704.987.2401    Mooresville Phone: 704.660.1223